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I have visited a few new home builders over the weekend and they are selling like crazy. Did you know if you don't bring your agent with you on the first visit they can only help you through the transaction and do not represent you in the purchase? When I was going through the homes there were several consumers going through themselves, this could mean that what ever the sales person tells them it is. I brought a client of mine to help them through the process and to try to negotiate a better price, it doesn't cost you anything to bring your own representation, even if its for a second set of eyes on all of the paperwork you sign when you go into a contract.

Call today if you would like more information or have questions.

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Cathy Sitarz





Welcome to the West Valley News


Hello and welcome!

Here is the lastest news in the West Valley.

Luke Airforce Base is having their Lukes Days this weekend. It should be a great time, if you haven't ever been it is worth the trip. The new F-35 should be there on display at least that is what I am hearing.

For more information click on this link for details. Ticket information for Luke days 

Hope to see you there.


Cathy Sitarz

Associate Broker


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